October 13, 2020

With school starting up again, a key aspect to keep in mind is time management. You master the management, you master it all (just kidding, it’s a lot harder than that). 


But still, time management can be super important when it comes to easing school-related stress! 


Maybe you’re trying harder on your academics than you have in years past, or you’re just looking to improve your time management as a whole– whatever it is, I can promise you that these tips won’t be a fix-all, only a fix-a-little. 


Whenever the topic of time management comes up, the mention of a to-do list isn’t far behind. I’m sure it’s advice you’ve heard time and time again.


While a to-do list could certainly help, you could try doing it solely for certain parts of your life. 


For example, a to-do list solely for homework or chores, that way you can keep the things you usually remember to do from cluttering the list. 


In terms of studying, when I say don’t overwork yourself- I mean it, especially when it comes to cram sessions before a test. 


While I can’t stop you from cramming, I can certainly give you a more efficient option: only cram the things you’re sure you don’t know rather than trying to reteach the entire lesson to yourself. 


You don’t need to create more work and unnecessary stress for yourself. 


Maybe cramming isn’t your style, and you prefer to study leading up to the test rather than the day of? That’s ok! 


However, I would suggest only studying for about 20-15 minutes. 


Longer study sessions often make it harder for someone to retain and remember the information they need. The 20-15 minute sessions are easier on yourself and your brain!


Another thing that could help you with school work could be a change in environment. Personally, I’ve found that I work better in quiet spaces (like a park or a library), but that might not be the case for you! 


I would like to end this by saying time management is very personal to everyone, and it isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of deal. A lot of habits can be found through trial and error and can take a while to form. So, good luck!

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