Footloose presented by Lincoln Park
“Footloose” presented by Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School



This production was great. It was the perfect experience. This may be the best production all year.


Footloose is a musical originated in the 1980s based on a true story about a little town in Oklahoma that wanted to dance. The cast and crew of this production just made it spring to life.


Each set was alive and atmospheric with just the right amount of detail to immerse the viewer. My favorite was probably Ariel’s house, which did so much with so little.  Of course the cast played the environments perfectly, using it to bounce off one of another and their lines. When the main character played by Brett Barthelemy cracked some awkward jokes, the expansive theater seemed small and claustrophobic, just like how Ren McCormack was feeling.


I think a high point of the musical was Sydney Ciencin as Rusty’s performance of “Let’s Hear It for the Boy”. It was just amazing and she deserves every credit for it.


The choreography in this is great. I mean, it needs to be, it’s Footloose, but I was just continually blown away by the different styles and scenes.


Normally I excuse first night mistakes like line mishaps and stumbles (to be fair. Even for someone without stage fright, first night jitters are very real.)  However, after going first night I am proud to say that there were notable mishaps and the cast was incredibly well prepared for this performance. I’m proud of them.


Note: This is my last time reviewing a live show here at Lincoln and I just want to thank the cast and crew for giving me banger for my last one, even if they didn’t know that I will be retiring from this position. Thank you!

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