Close-Up Photo of Cannabis
Close-Up Photo of Cannabis
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Oh boy, the weed show.


This show sucks, I’m gonna be honest. While it’s never boring, due to the large amount of quick camera action and violent action scenes, it’s not actually interesting past the shock of the criminality and the constant cannabis use.


The short Netflix series focuses on Eddie (Theo James), the second son, inheriting the family estate, and therefore the weed empire lying a few feet below the surface. Eddie has money trouble to deal with as the new duke, and Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) is there to help him. They get into fights and go head to head with larger-than-life villains around England.


This show does have some charm. One example is the yellow “handwritten” notes appearing on the screen during negotiations that work as visual jokes, but there’s not much other charming stuff.


The show is crass, rude, possibly racist to Romani people, and leans too heavily on the same story in different skins, with each episode being way too similar to the next. Once the shock factor wears off, then what’s left? There’s no comedy to save the show, and the drama isn’t intriguing enough to pull me in.


Arrested Development does the rich people being whiny, incompetent, and going broke way better than The Gentleman.

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