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Today I’m going to be interviewing Khalil Johnson, a senior here at LPPACS. His journey began at New Castle, and he started to attend Lincoln Park two years ago. Now he explores his artistic skills in multiple different ways. From acting, to drawing, to anything else that is interesting to him. 

Q: What first sparked your interest in art, and how has your passion evolved throughout your high school years?

“I was never really creative growing up, and I found my love for art during the shutdown in 2020. Through high school, it’s been just learning and experiencing as much of the arts as I can, which has led to me gaining confidence and growing as an individual.”

Q: Have you faced any unique challenges or obstacles as a black artist in your high school art community, and how have you navigated them?

“There are times where I definitely feel pre-judged by many of my peers as less skilled. At the same time, I’ve found that teachers expect a certain style from me that deviates from the normal style around me.”

Q: As you prepare to graduate, what are your plans and aspirations for continuing your artistic journey beyond high school?

“I plan on creating my storyboard revisionist portfolio for animated TV series, getting my BFA in graphic design and interactive media receiving a MBA as well. I want to create T-shirt designs that are for skate fashion that resonates with black youth, similar to Pharrell Williams’ rock band “N*E*R*D*.”

As he finishes his year here at Lincoln Park he continues to push his own boundaries and make awe-inspiring art. Be on the lookout for him because his journey isn’t over yet.

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Demarion Martin is an NAACP Black History Month essay award winner and a passionate writer hailing from the charming town of New Castle. As a sophomore, he's found himself to be a prominent member of the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School Writing Department, his dedication to the craft of storytelling shines through in every word he pens. Demarion's insightful perspectives on diversity and inclusion have found a home in his column, "Dealing with Diversity," featured in the award-winning publication "The Siren." With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to fostering dialogue on important social issues, Demarion Martin continues to make his mark on the literary landscape, one thought-provoking piece at a time.

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