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The music department’s first official concert of the year has passed, but not without much excitement being stirred up within the major and the school. This has been many student’s first time of the school year to reflect on where they’d like to be in their musical career throughout the rest of their time at Lincoln Park. I was wondering what made these concerts so special to the students that participate so that we can all have an understanding of how much this latest concert has been a rebirth for many.

Today’s people in the park are as listed:

Christian Mosley, a devoted freshman music major from South Fayette.

Abagail Dow, a kind-hearted senior from Western Beaver who majors in vocal and instrumental music.

Nova Elder, an upbeat ninth grader in the music department from Mars.

What style of music do you most look forward to sharing with your audience when doing concerts?

Elder: I look forward to sharing classical music with the audience. Lots of people have never given classical music a chance because they think it’s “boring” but I’d like to show them otherwise.

Dow: I really look forward to doing my jazz ensemble pieces.

Mosley: I look forward to playing jazz, funk and pop for people during concerts. I feel like you can connect with the audience more.

Do you have any hopes or goals for upcoming concerts this year?

Mosley: My main goals for the next concert are to be able to solo, improvise better, and to get better at music theory.

Elder: For upcoming concerts this year, I just want to do my best and show my music to people.

If you participated in this latest show, do you have any favorite memories from rehearsal and/or the show?

Mosley: My favorite memories for the most recent concert was being able to walk up on stage playing with others and playing songs together. Also, being able to watch our friends perform.

Elder: My favorite memory from the show was probably playing iMessage games backstage with my friends. I also has a lot of fun with the music we were playing because it was challenging.

Dow: My favorite memory from the last show was me and other instrumental majors dancing in the wings while the percussion ensemble was playing.

Where can students hear your music if they are not able to come to a formal concert? Do you plan to ever have a during school showcase, such as house band does?

Dow: I am not sure where students can hear our music if not able to come to a concert and I really hope we do because that sounds like it would be fun to do.

Elder: I try to perform at every fun lunch open mic as well as concerts! I don’t really have any formal music socials but if I post anything I’ll post it on this account [meaning @theelder88 on Instagram]!

Mosley: Students can hear me occasionally play in Pittsburgh for events from Urban Impact. I do plan to join house band once I get good enough. I think it would be a good idea not only for people to hear me play, but for me to get better!

The first concert of the school year may be over, but your enjoyment of the musicians is nowhere close to done. These passionate students are determined to show more of their amazing skills this upcoming year. We can all look forward to the incredible showcases that we’ll be able to participate in because the department is working hard to make it the best time for everyone involved. To all the people of Lincoln Park, or Park’s People, if you don’t mind my not so subtle branding, I wish you all the best.

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