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May 23, 2023

Succubi, or at least versions of them, can come from many different religions and mythologies, but the origins are mostly unknown. It’s the idea that sex kills and (somewhat) a lesson that you should never “lay down” with someone until marriage and also plays into the idea that women are evil temptresses. 


Don’t get me wrong; there is male succubi. These are known as incubusi, but succubi are much more popular and talked about.


The idea of women being evil in relation to religion and mythology is not an original concept. Think about Greek mythology’s origin of man kind’s downfall: Pandora opening the box of terror. You may also remember the Bible and Eve, who was the first to be tempted by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit. Both unleashed everything that’s wrong with the world. 


Succubi are a little different, though. These creatures aren’t just made out to be evil because of their gender but instead something quite different.


In most legends of the succubus, it’s a beautiful, young woman who visits a man in his dream. This isn’t just any beautiful girl, though; it’s a demon in the shape of one. She will then tempt the man she finds and eventually steal his soul.


One of the most famous stories about a succubus is “Lilith,”who has also been described as “Mother of Demons.” She’s commonly said to be from Jewish religion and some internet articles also say she can be found in Medieval Christianity.


The story goes that she was the first woman, made before Eve, to betrove Adam. Unlike Eve, she was not made from Adam’s rib and also refused obedience to Adam. She then tempted an angel to do the Devil’s tango, making her a succubus.


Many people who follow the Christian Bible do not believe in Lilith because she isn’t mentioned in the creation of man, and the Bible says Eve is the first woman. There is almost no mention of Lilith in the Bible.




Some people think Isaiah 34:14 may be in reference to her: The wild  beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest.”


Basically, some people think this is a reference to her being a creature of evil or a beast of sorts, and a lot of people think of her as the “night-hag.” She might be the supposed screeching owl, and that’s why some legends say succubi may have physical deformities that set them apart from other women. Ex: owl talons for fingernails.


This is not one of the only cases of women with animal features and a “kill all men” mindset. Greek mythology also had Empusa. She was like a vampire lady with a copper leg that appears to have goat-like legs. She’s a lady shapeshifter who serves the Goddess Hecate. 


She’s different from a succubus in terms of what she does with men. Apparently, she drinks their blood while they sleep. Instead of eating souls, she’s more of a flesh type of girl!


Creepy, sure, but I’m almost a 100% sure you don’t have to worry about these creatures (likely because they are myths and legends) if you just stay away from girls with goat legs and owl talons. 

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