January 8, 2024

As someone who’s grown up watching sports movies and shows, I’ve had my fair share of moments where I go “that just isn’t how that would happen” and I’m sure many other people have had that same experience. It’s definitely the fact that I’ve played sports and watched them throughout my life and I know how the movements and mannerisms are.


For example, shows like Cobra Kai and All American. If you’ve done karate for a number of years or played football, you can easily tell that the actors are acting if that makes sense. And it’s not like they’re just not following the rules of the game or are doing everything wrong, it’s just how the actors move throughout certain scenes.


Whether it be a completely unnecessary move, or the form of what they’re doing, it’s quite easy to pick up most of the time. It’s definitely nitpicking and takes nothing away from the actual show, but it can be something a group of friends would laugh about if one pointed it out.


For the plots of the “based on a true story” movies and shows, I am on board with the fact that they’re realistic as many of them are literally true. There’s never something that’s completely inaccurate and just plain outrageous when it comes to the story.


Then there’s shows like Cobra Kai which are just completely and utterly unrealistic in terms of storyline, however that does keep it interesting surprisingly.


I guess there just has to be a healthy balance when shows are made so it isn’t too unrealistic or poorly made. So in terms of being realistic, I think that the acting in 99% of shows aren’t gonna meet that criteria, however the storylines can definitely make up for that and that’s what keeps the audience engaged.

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Tyson Florence is the writer for both Sports with Florence and Take Note columns here on The SIREN. He is a senior from New Brighton, a football player, and has been attending Lincoln Park since seventh grade.

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