Photo of the Netflix logo and a girl drinking alcohol.
Photo of the Netflix logo and a girl drinking alcohol.



November 18, 2022

Since the new release of Netflix’s Dahmer, a whole new issue has erupted regarding the public’s feelings toward serial killers. Here’s what Lincoln Park students have to say on this matter:


Shiloh Somogie, a senior Health-Science major from Center, when asked if it was wrong for Netflix to make the show without the consent of the victims families, she replied, “Yes, because it’s a real life f****** event that affected people. It’s very triggering to the families that have to see it again.”


Shiloh Somogie
Shiloh Somogie, Senior Health-Science major from Center

Somogie also spoke on the glorification of serial killers since Dahmer came out. “Possibly, [it glorifies the serial killers] because the show is very graphic and there [are] more graphic things out there you can look up and it can be eye opening to someone who already had those thoughts.”


Mallory Rose, a sophomore Writing and Publishing major from Crafton, when asked about the romanticization of serial killers, said “I think that because most serial killers are men,  if somebody is attractive, they excuse everything they do.”


“I didn’t think about that,” said Rose on whether people would attempt to imitate serial killers. “I don’t think so, I think that because of stuff that goes online, way more people will see it, so maybe there is a possibility. But I really hope it doesn’t [happen].”


Gec Wood, a senior media major from Robinson, said, “As much as I want to say no, I strongly believe that they will. [TikTok user] @tooturnttony imitated Dahmer to scare his mom because she was terrified of the series […] he did a prank where he spent three days dressing, acting, and talking like Dahmer. He even hid literal roadkill in his basement so the house fermented and smelled like bodies.”


To Wood, this is proof that Dahmer series, which isn’t even a month old, is already causing this kind of reaction where people are making content to act like serial killers like it’s a harmless prank. 


Should Dahmer be removed from Netflix? Does this cinematic take on these gruesome killings have a place among its fictional counterparts?

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