Taken from article, “40 Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas to Take You Away” by Casey Watkins.
Taken from article, “40 Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas to Take You Away” by Casey Watkins.


R.E.D.O Your Room With Grace

March 29, 2022

The coastal aesthetic is one that you will find in almost every beach house. It makes you feel as if you live in a small coastal town and is essentially one of the go-to aesthetics for a light and airy room.


This room aesthetic centers around coastal and nautical vibes, meaning the main colors you will find are different shades of whites and blues. In regards to the bedroom walls, a white or light blue is the most common.


Wood elements are also common in this room aesthetic and can be found in wall decor, furniture, or even the floors. In fact, a common base for a coastal room is a medium to light stained wood floor and white or light blue walls. White shiplap (which is a style of laying wood) can also be found on the ceiling and/or walls sometimes. 


The furniture found in coastal rooms is often simple and is normally either a shade of white or blue, or even wood stained. Often, beds will have unique but clean headboards that give off a coastal vibe. 


As far as decor is concerned, wood, black, gold, and blue accents can be found, and decor with unique but clean lines is often favored. Coastal rooms rarely hold any succulents and plants, and if they do, then they are more tropical plants. Beachy and nautical decor is found here, such as seashells, anchors, nets, and anything else you can imagine being found or used at sea. Surfboards may be hung on walls, and often there will be a beachy photo collage somewhere on the walls. 


For the sleeping area, beds are normally very put together and incorporate white sheets and a nautical duvet cover. Pillows can be any of the accent colors and tend to have a unique design. Put all together, these elements create a clean and comfy look that makes you instantly feel relaxed. 


The coastal aesthetic creates a light and airy room that embraces small beach town culture and a carefree attitude. It is normally very popular with people who have spent a lot of time on beach vacations or participate in beachy activities on the regular (such as surfing or beach volleyball.) 


So if you’re someone who enjoys a bright bedroom and is always gravitating towards beachy decor and activities, the coastal aesthetic might just be for you!

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