Photo by @pearly_interiors on Instagram
Photo by @pearly_interiors on Instagram


R.E.D.O Your Room With Grace

February 25, 2022

Danish Pastel, a trending room aesthetic across multiple social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest… but what is it?


This popular room aesthetic is all about light and happy colors, mainly being, you guessed it, light pastels. In these kinds of rooms, the color black is avoided like it’s a disease, as we’re trying to keep the room bright and positive here. Pastel lilacs, blues, and pinks are the most common colors, but of course all other pastel colors are commonly incorporated as well.


Pastel colors are mainly incorporated into the room by little trinkets and decor pieces, while the room’s walls are painted a white, cream, or even light beige color. Regarding furniture pieces for the room, white pieces generally tend to look the best in this aesthetic. Although, uncommon pieces of furniture like pastel colored chairs can really make the room pop and draw the eye to the color. 


An important trait of this room aesthetic is, believe it or not, oddly shaped objects. Heart or wavy shaped mirrors, bubble candles, and misshapen vases are all popular finds in this type of room. One of the ideas behind the Danish pastel aesthetic is to give the room a happy, serene, and creative feel, and these pieces combined with the colors will certainly do that. 


Now moving over to the most important area and where I know some of us teens like to spend a majority of our time, the bed.


We don’t want to exclude this area from the Danish pastel aesthetic, so make sure to spruce up your bed with a pastel color (or colors) of your choice. Pastel sheets, duvets, blankets, and pillows are all great options to make your bed feel both welcoming and homey, which is great for after a long day of school. 


Keep in mind that any artificial succulents, vines, or plants make a great addition to this room aesthetic as well, as they tend to bring a more colorful and serene vibe to your room. 


So if you like pastel colors, unique shapes and decor, and a bright and serene vibe to your bedroom, the Danish pastel aesthetic might just be for you!

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Grace Davis is a senior writing and publishing major and is an editor on the Siren. This is her second year on the Siren and the second year for her column, R.E.D.O. Your Room with Grace. When she’s not writing or editing for the Siren, she can be found at her allstar cheer gym, reading, or playing video games.

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