November 2, 2021

An 11 mile stretch is thought to be the most haunted road in America. Riverdale Road in Thorton, Colorado connects Thorton to Brighton. 

Stories that built the roads lore come from car crashes, accidents, native burial grounds, even family murders. 


The arguably most tragic story to come from Riverdale Road is the burning mansion. Standing with large iron gates in front of the doors, the mansion is said to be one of the gates of hell that intertwines our world to Satan’s. This gate opened when the alleged owner of the mansion set it aflame, leaving his wife and two daughters to burn in the building. This man was not found in the rumble along with his family, and has never been seen again. 


The road signs are seen with blood smeared handprints only at night. Written in blood on the signs is said to be the words “Help me!”, but these blood stains are always gone when the sun rises. 


Cottonwood trees sporadically line the road. Those who sit underneath the tree will listen out for creaking wood. Once the noises start, bodies of slaves who were accused of witchcraft are said to appear hanging from the trees. Some even go as far as saying they hear the moaning of these women in their last moments. 


Sitting nearby to a Native American burial ground, these souls are said to be shapeshifters. These shapeshifters are seen hitchhiking and getting in the car of their unexpecting victims. Once in the car, they are able to take control causing fatal crashes with no trace of them ever being in the vehicle.

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