May 4, 2021

Hi, welcome back to another Fashion Tips With Meg. Today, I’m going to talk about my favorite topic; 70s fashion and 70s house decor.


I’m going to break down some of my favorite deocr options you can do to your room, house, apartment, or any place you desire! I’ve always loved the 70s and the style of their homes. When it comes to my style, I always find inspiration from the 60s/70s flower-child era.


The styles that you can decorate your place as is endless with this style! Shag rugs, tie-dye or bright colors, flowers or plants, and anything that gives off a bohemian/hippie vibes.


I also really like the alternative of moderate 70s fashion with homes. Many people have designed their homes to fit today’s trendy themes, but have added hints of 70s style. I’ll insert some pictures below to show you the style of these types of homes.


Now, let’s break down some of my favorite styles!


#1 Shag Rugs

When I was growing up, my grandfather had orange, tie dyed shag rugs althrough his house. The theme and decor of his home never matched the rug, but the rug was my favorite.  It was rough, but soft and akways gave me good vibes. I love the color of the rug too. It was a pretty sunset orange rug with dark blood-orange spots mixed in.

If I had to pick carpet for my future home, I’d probably pick shag rugs. The style of the rugs are different from rugs that you normally see in houses. It has more texture and it’s cute.

The only downside to shag rugs is the clean up of them. They aren’t the easier to get stains out of and if you do spill or get anything on them, you probably will have it stuff in your carpet forever.


#2 Anything Tie-Dyed

I love and adore anything that is tie-dyed. Now, it is kind of cliche to add tie-dye to a 70s themed decor article, but I truly do love the style of it. It be anything as well. You can just add a little bit of color to your home by just adding a splash of tie-dye colors to your home. Tie-dye is a great way to not only add color to your home, but it doesn’t have to be the typical tie-dye colors: red, yellow, purple, green, and blue. It be any colors you desire.


#3 Plants

I am a plant lover and a fellow plant mother as well! I love having plants in my room and my house. I feel like plants are a great way to not only have nature in your home, but to add more greens in there as well!


I hope you guys are having a great morning, evening, or whenever you’re reading this! Remember to drink water and treat yourself. See you next time!

( all pictures were found off of Pinterest! )

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