May 12, 2021

Recently I have been asked to write articles on specific things used/needed in the witchcraft community. Pretty much everything on the planet signifies something when discussing witchcraft. So my next few articles will be on candle colors, flowers, incense, crystals, etc. and their meanings. 


Today we will be discussing why you should use herbs, how, and which herbs are the most common. 


Why You Should Use Herbs

Now I’m a bit biased when it comes to green magick because I am pretty much a green witch. However, I truly do believe herbs are one of the most useful things to have in your toolbox. Herbs are usually pretty easy to find and grow, unless it’s a super rare plant. Even if you are buying the plant, herbs aren’t very expensive. As well as this, they smell nice and look great when you hang-dry them.


Anyways, the reason why they are so useful is because they’re used in almost every spell/ritual. As I’ve stated before, having all four elements involved in your spell-casting greatly improves the duration and affects the spells have. Herbs are a super easy implement that work quickly and well. Most herbs are edible, so if you’re not using the kind a bought for a spell, just make some food! Herbs are versatile in the ways that they can be used- from green magick to kitchen magick, herbs have got your back. 


How to Use Herbs

Honestly, it depends on what you’re doing. If you’re a kitchen witch, you should put the herbs into your foods. If you’re into chaos magick, herbs come in handy with hexes. However, it is often recommended that you hang-dry your herbs so they last longer. This is exactly what it sounds like. You grab a bushel of whatever herbs you want, tie the twigs together with string, and hang them from somewhere for a few weeks. This sucks all the moisture out of the plant and allows it to become harder in texture, though prone to crumbles. 


If that sounds too complicated, just put the herbs in the last page of a hardback book and stack other books on top of it. In a few weeks, it’ll be dry (and also flat). 


Most Common Herbs and their Meanings/Uses:


Rosemary – love, blessings, family, healing, purification.


Sage – cleansing, anointing, wisdom, wishes.


Basil – Luck, money, business success.


Mugwort – protection in dreams, visions, psychic protection (my personal favorite).


Bay – banishing, empowerment, exorcisms, psychic development. 


Mint – inspiration, optimism, studying, writing, positivity. 


Cinnamon – happiness, increase in spiritual energy, security.


Cloves – stops gossip, strengthen memory, strengthen friendships.



Join me next week to learn about candle color meanings. Blessed be!

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