March 3, 2021

No matter how experienced you are, how long you’ve been doing this, or how much you’ve studied- there is always a chance that a spell could go wrong. I know what you’re thinking: 


What the hell does that mean? 


I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve never had a spell go wrong, and knock on wood as I write this sentence. I could very well just be a lucky witch. However, before I perform any type of spell, multiple precautions are taken. 


First, it is an absolute must that you cleanse yourself, your space, and your tools before the ritual/spell begins. This can be done with salt, smoke, crystals, or actual, physical cleaning (please note that if you are using smoke, a window should be open in order for the negative energy to be sent back into the universe; otherwise, you’re trapping the energy inside).


Once you’ve completed the first step, I strongly advise that you learn how to cast a circle, which you can learn how to do here:


Now that you’ve casted your circle, all thoughts should be cleared from your mind. Think of nothing but your intentions, no doubts. You must feel your spell. Allow it to fill you up and take all of your energy, but be aware that if you’re being forced to do a spell that you don’t want to do, the effects will be detrimental. 


Another possibility is that your spell was not meant to be cast. When casting a spell, you must ask yourself why. Will the universe agree with what you are trying to achieve? Are you doing this for the better of mankind? If not, I suggest you reassess. 


Though not all witches believe in the Threefold Law, most believe in karma and balance. If you think about it, witches draw their power from the Earth or their deities. If either of those energies dislike what you have done, they have the right and ability to change or reverse the magick that has been released. 


Also be aware that other witches may be responsible for your spell failing or changing course. Be very careful as to how public you are about the ingredients you use/what your ultimate spell goal is. I suggest not speaking about the spell to others (unless they are trustworthy or part of your coven), but rather acting as if the spell has already been successful.


What does a spell gone wrong look like? 


Imagine everything you wanted to happen turned to the exact opposite. Another possibility is that spell is too strong. In that case, an innocent money spell can turn into inheriting death money or lawsuit money. You must be specific in your spell wording! 


How do I fix a spell that has gone wrong?


Good question. The most you can do is damage control. You can try a reversal spell, but at that point, most of the damage will have already occurred. Releasing a spell is like unlocking a floodgate. You wait until the water recedes or dries and then rebuild. That is why magick should be taken seriously and you need to ponder every spell and the reasoning behind it.


As always, I will answer any questions @siren_lppacs on Instagram or in the comments below. Blessed be, witchlings. Remember that winter is a time of rest and reflection and you should not be overworking yourself at this point. Wait until Spring for that!


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