February 9, 2021

I know you’ve been ignoring the red flags, so here’s your sign. Below are a few red flags to be aware of in all of your relationships. There are many more not included, so keep that in mind. Just because it didn’t make the list doesn’t mean it’s justified behavior. Go back to last week’s column to see the green flags!


TEMPER: They get very angry over small things and have a hard time managing their anger. You can never work through your problems calmly with a discussion, it always becomes a screaming fight.


LACK OF TRUST: You don’t feel comfortable communicating with them. You constantly feel judged by them for little things.


COMPLETE OPPOSITES: You don’t have any similar interests. It’s like pulling teeth trying to have a conversation. Neither of you finds any interest in the other person’s likes and hobbies.


MAJOR JEALOUSY: They forbid you to spend time with anyone other than them even including your family.


DIFFERENT POLITICAL VIEWS: You have polar opposite beliefs and opinions when it comes to politics. This isn’t always a deal-breaker for everyone, but it definitely can be. Especially if either of you don’t respect the other person’s views. 


UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: They see you as perfect, and aren’t understanding when you make small mistakes. They keep you on a pedestal.


THEY’RE ALL TALK: They make a lot of promises but never follow through with them. You’re having a hard time believing them when they make promises.


ACT DIFFERENTLY: They act very differently around each person they meet. You aren’t comfortable with how they talk or treat someone else in their life.


ALWAYS BUSY: They are always busy and rarely have any time to spend with you. 


BLAME: They say you are to blame for everything and never apologize.


Never lower your standards for anyone! You know you deserve better! Don’t settle for any less! 


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