January 19, 2021

“One in seven girls (15 percent) have struggled to afford sanitary wear.”


Why is it that we have to pay for these period products?  Women can’t control their bodies’ natural cycle, so – why is it taxable?


“Across the country, thousands of students lack the resources to manage basic menstrual hygiene and are denied equal learning opportunities, as they often skip school or classes while having their period as a result,” wrote  and 


This economic scam is effecting female citizens’ everyday lives, just so the pad companies can make a dime.


If you are upset by this, I have some good news. Scotland has made a big step in the right direction.


“There is now a legal duty on local authorities to ensure that free items such as tampons and sanitary pads are available to anyone who needs them.” Said Claire Diamond from BBC News.


Now, where is this law being followed and taking place?


“…[P]eriod products [will be] available free in schools, colleges and universities…(also), sports clubs, pubs, and restaurants…” Diamond from BBC News states.


Some progress has also been made in the US in states such as Connecticut and Ohio. Both have already repealed tampon taxes.


Having low income should not effect your access to period products. That’s why it’s important to pay attention, protest, and make sure menstrual equality is being taken seriously.



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Jade Davis has been writing for the SIREN for two years now. During this time Miss Davis joined another publication as well; called Front Paige News.  Next Summer Jade will also be assisting famous journalist; Ben Westhoff for an internship. Currently, she is soon to be published in  Write On, Door County for her poem; B.L.M. But, Davis has already been published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review; for Climate Change opinion letters. On the other hand, Jade Davis has other hobbies such as water aerobics, and spirituality!

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