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This is the second installment of the Grammys Music Video Predictions. You can see last year’s here –


For this, I’m using two criteria:

  1. Is it unique? Is it something that is uncommon or have I never seen anything like it before in a music video.
  2. Does it feel like a performance? Does it feel like a musical or a concert? Am I being sung to?


“I’m Only Sleeping” – The Beatles

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this video, I do want to say that I don’t think that the music (not music video) should be anywhere near the Grammy’s. AI had been used to enhance some of the vocals on this song, and we here at The SIREN condemn anything made or enhanced by AI.  The music video is not AI, so I’ll still be going over it.

  1. Is it unique? This is a very unique concept of a video that is completely painted, and the paintings aren’t bad and are often abstract, which in a concept is unique. I also like how it feels more like a tribute video to the band and I love the pacing. Rating: 5/5.
  2. Does it feel more like a movie than a live performance? Because this is an “animated” music video it is not anywhere like how a live performance feels. Rating: 5/5.


“In Your Love” – Tyler Childers

  1. Is it unique? There are some aspects of this that are similar to other music videos,  but all together is unique to the music video genre. It is however, not unique to film in general (I could probably name five movies very similar). Rating: 4/5.
  2. Does it feel like a live performance? There is a part of it that is literally a live performance, so I’ll give it  a rating of 3/5.


“What Was I Made For?” – Billie Eilish

  1. Is it unique? For the first minute and a half, this music video does have a unique start, but it does unfortunately morph into something that I have seen before, with weather destroying a person’s sense of self. Rating: 2/5.
  2. Does it feel like a live performance? No, because it’s just Eilish sitting there, there’s no performance aspect. Rating: 5/5.


“Count Me Out” – Kendrick Lamar

  1. Is it unique? This is certainly one of the most unique music videos I have ever seen. The formatting that it uses to showcase the emotions  in the music is phenomenal and I really love how there’s a full story in the beginning. The contrasting colors and filters make this one really stand out.
  2. Does it feel like a live performance? This is technically a performance, because Lamar is performing the song for this old woman, who seems to be a therapist of sorts. Life is performing. Rating: 2/5.


“Rush” – Troye Sivan

  1. Is it unique? NO! It’s all parties, which has been so overdone that it’s what my mind immediately goes to when thinking about music videos. Rating: 1/5.
  2. Does it feel like a live performance? Yes. There’s group dancing and Sivan is singing. It literally is just a performance, and I’m not into it. Rating: 2/5.


For my prediction: I think the winner of the section will be “I’m Only Sleeping” by The Beatles. It’s unique and new, and it has ties in nostalgia and a lot of the people judging are definitely old enough to feel that nostalgia.


For my personal favorite: “Count Me Out” by Kendrick Lamar. I really wish that this one would win, but I don’t think it’s up to par.

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