February 3, 2023

We have a lot to get through, so let’s just jump right in!


I decided to judge these music videos by two criteria:

Number One: It has to be unique. It’s got to be cool. It’s got to be new to the music video genre. I don’t want a singer and backup dancers and that’s it. I want something exciting.


Number Two: It has to feel more like a movie than a musical. I want something that could not easily feel like it could be a solo or group number on a stage. I don’t want to go to a concert; I want to see a movie.


All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Criteria One: 3/5

Criteria Two: 5/5

This “short film” had a lot of cinema cliches, but I feel like it was creative enough that it just feels like a film student’s second or third assignment in college. I personally really like the writing on the screen describing the different stages of a relationship. I also really, really liked the break in the middle with the fight, and I liked T-Swizzle coming in at the end as the older version of the main charterer. This is also the only music video with a cast, as it is classified as a short film, similar to say Guava Island by Childish Gambino, although not as good as the aforementioned movie. The cast consists of Sadie Sink (Younger Girl), Dylan O’Brien (Guy), and Taylor Swift (Older Girl).


“The Heart Part 5” by Kendrick Lamar

Criteria One: 5/5

Criteria Two: 4/5

I really liked this music video. The setting of the music video originally gave me the same vibes as the interview at the beginning of The Incredibles. I also really like the changing of the faces; I thought that was really cool. Also, Kanye what are you doing here? Points deduced for Kanye.


“Woman” by Doja Cat

Criteria One: 2/5

Criteria Two: 2/5

This felt very close to a musical or a music video that I had seen before multiple times. I really think the costumes and hair were cool.


“Easy On Me” by Adele

Criteria One: 1/5

Criteria Two: 5/5

I have seen this exact music video before multiple times from multiple artists. I specifically remember this style of video in the special features of Frozen. I like the cinematography, however, and how it looks like a child looking out of the house.


“Yet to Come” by BTS

Criteria One: 1/5

Criteria Two: 1/5

This feels like if a musical and a truck commercial had a baby.


“As It Was” by Harry Styles

Criteria One: 1/5

Criteria Two: 1/5

He goes to a museum and spins in circles and lays on the floor. Not only have I seen this in a music video AND a musical before, but I also do these activities on a yearly basis, just without the hot women.


I think “The Heart Part 5” will win the Grammy. I didn’t even mention the morals associated with the videos, and that alone would definitely push it to a 5/5 in all of my criteria. However, I’m not a Grammy judge, so what does it matter what I say?

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