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Welcome back! Today we’re going to be talking about horror games. 


I know, I know. Horror is typically covered over at Hills Horror. But our dearest Taylor Hill normally covers things like horror movies and shows, not video games. If that’s more your style, then you should go check it out! After you finish reading this, of course.


Getting back on track, horror games are a big part of the gaming industry. Well, everything can be a big part of the community if you think about it. 


The first horror game that we’re going to talk about is Cooking Companions. Now, I’ve never played Cooking Companions myself, but I have watched my favorite YouTubers play it about a million times now. I won’t lie, the rewatch ability is top notch. 

I love cooking with my companions that totally aren’t strangers (ADRIEN EMLER)

Cooking Companions is about you, the player, being stuck in a cabin with your friends. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say stuck. It’s more like the five of you are there for a getaway. You find out by talking to the characters that they are all refugees who fled from Ukraine, from their village that had to resort to cannibalism, to your cabin. So, uh, they actually aren’t your friends. Surprise!


I’ll leave the rest of the story for you to discover yourself. For a simple point and click game, Cooking Companions is creepy as all get out and sets up a suspenseful atmosphere pretty easily. Overall, a really solid horror game!


Our next horror game is FAITH: THE UNHOLY TRINITY. This pixelated horror game will have you at the edge of your seat the whole time that you play it. With three different chapters, there’s a bunch of content to keep you entertained for hours. 


You play as a priest, John, who’s investigating an abandoned house. You find various notes that give you more information as to the lore. With the granulated text-to-speech voices, FAITH: THE UNHOLY TRINITY makes the player uncomfortable almost immediately. Well, it made me uncomfortable. It also hurt my ears.


There are various different enemies for you to ward off with your cross, or to shoot with a shotgun if you’re in chapter one. Or you could die to them if you want to see the infamous MORTIS screen. If you defeat them, however, you normally get a creepy cutscene that depicts something happening to that character.


The third and final game for today is Choo Choo Charles. I know, the name sounds riveting (If you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic.)


Choo Choo Charles is a game about, you guessed it, a Thomas the Tank Engine on crack villain who hunts you down. His spider-like legs that carry his train body around and allow him to attack you. In the beginning of the game you see this cutscene where an old friend calls you in an old phone booth. This friend, Eugene, tells you about how you’re the only one who can beat Charles and save the town. And your incentive? Why, it’ll bring business to your museum, of course! So, like a nerd, you decide to help. It cuts to Eugene rowing a boat to the island with you on it. From there, the two of you go to an old train station. While in there, you find an abandoned train car that Eugene has been fixing up. It even had a gun attachment on the back!


Choo Choo Charles is an open world game, much like Elden Ring or Skyrim, where you can go on various side missions to upgrade your train. As you go along, you meet more and more NPCs (I love you pickle lady) who want nothing more than to be rid of Charles and the terror that he’s rained upon the island.


The rest I’m sure you’re smart enough to find on your own. I’d recommend watching Markiplier’s gameplay of it, mostly because it’s absolutely hilarious, but it also goes through every side mission. If I remember right, that is.


Anyway, thanks for logging in, but now I have to log out. I’ll see you all next time!


Have a suggestion for what you want to see here next? Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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