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October 19, 2020

   Today on Meg’s Playlist, I’m reviewing Aminé’s newest album, Limbo. The album carries 14 songs includingWoodlawn, Compensating (ft. Young Thug), and Easy (ft. Summer Walker)


Aminé is an American rapper, songwriter, and director that is best known for his most popular single, Caroline off his first recorded album Good for you. He is best known for his rap/R&B sound and the numerous other artists he has worked with like Rico Nasty, Summer Walker, and JID. Now, enough chit-chat… Let’s get into the review!


I’ve been a fan of Aminé since the beginning and he hasn’t dropped an album since 2018. I wanted a new album and I know many others did too, so when I heard he dropped a new album during the summer while everyone was stuck in quarantine, I got excited. I was ready for new music and a new vibe from him. 


I decided to get into my car and go on a drive to soak in what I was about to hear. 


When I started the album, it started out with an upbeat, powerful song and then it slowly reversed into more slower songs. I was a little surprised because he kept you on your toes with every song. One minute, you’re listening to a song that makes you feel like you can do anything, the next minute, you’re crying to another song. 


It was a roller coaster of emotions and he did a good job with it. I really loved this album a lot and it’s a 9 out of 10 for me. It’s a great “wake up” album to start your day to and it’s a feel-good album as well.  


I really think most of you guys will like this album as much as I did because it really gives you all different kinds of elements of music, besides just rap. Aminé is one of my favorite artists and he is a great lyricist of the rap community. He isn’t just a rapper, he is a poet, if you will. 


I hope you give it a listen and I hope you have a great day! Let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s playlist.

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