October 13, 2020

While you may not be a master botanist (or maybe you are, who knows), you don’t have to shy away from keeping some cute house plants as company as things get colder. 


Or maybe you’ve just convinced yourself you don’t have the time to care for a plant. And while I’d say that decision is totally up to you, don’t forget to explore your options first. 


Here are a few that require little to no care, so perfect for beginners (and on top of that, are pet safe):


To start, tillandsias are perfect low effort plants! Plus: there are different kinds to fit your personal tastes!


Haven’t heard of them? They’re more well known as air plants, which means they take most of their nutrients from the air. That means no soil, no daily watering, and no extra worry! 


However, a couple notes on care: you should try to give them a soak in water for around 2 hours every week or two, and of course keep them in the vicinity of a window so the sun can reach them. Other than that, you’re home free in terms of care!


Maybe you’d prefer something more on the prettier sides of things? Perhaps some sort of orchid? Look no further than a phalaenopsis orchid for your lovely home!


While this flower is of the blooming type, the period it blooms can last for months! And, in terms of care, it does require a bit more than something like the tillandsia. 


Just water it about once a week and keep it indirect sunlight and you got yourself a pretty potted plant to marvel over. 


And of course, what would be a list of low maintenance plants without the mention of succulents!


Succulents (that include cacti) are considered low maintenance because they can get by when their owner doesn’t water them enough. 


Though, out of all the plants here, they probably do require the most work. All things considered, it’s still a pretty good circumstance to be in if your aim was the least effort possible. 


But do consider: some succulents can be harmful to pets! So, be careful with that and do your research before you have your heart set on a particular one. 


There are loads more plants that require little effort, these are only the tip of the iceberg! There’s always loads of information on the internet to keep you informed as well. 


Plants are always a great way to bring liveliness and spruce up your decor in the house! Just be sure not to forget they have needs as well!

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