October 4, 2020

Entering the world of witchcraft is an exhilarating, unique, and confusing ordeal. If you truly have the morals and soul of a witch, researching witchcraft will make you feel both excited and lost all at the same time. There millions of books, videos, and websites. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to be a witchling, searching for so much information. That’s why Witchy Wednesday is here to help you start your journey. 


My first chunk of advice: be aware that there are stigmas attached, and stereotypes associated with such a taboo word and subject. Becoming a witch today is different than it once was. The community is changing. Old paths are dying, and new paths are rising to the surface. The community is now inclusive, even to those who follow a darker path. The general community frowns upon telling someone that they are practicing the “wrong” way. 


Because of this, Satanism immediately comes into question. Most people directly associate witchcraft with Satanism, and though that is absolutely not the case, some witches do follow that path. However, it is important to understand that witchcraft is what you make it, and everyone does it differently. If you are not evil, neither is your craft. If you are not malicious, neither are your spells. If you have pure intent, you have nothing to worry about, unless you are Pagan and you do not believe in the Threefold Law, which is simply the mindset that you get back whatever you put out, times three.


This leads us to one of the absolute most important things about witchcraft: religion or the lack thereof. What I mean is not every witch is Wiccan, not every witch is Pagan. Some witches just practice and aren’t associated with the common religions of the craft, so everyone’s path is different. 


If you are interested in exploring the different paths of witchcraft, be sure to stay tuned for my following articles every Wednesday! 


Blessed be.

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Ceresa Morsaint is a writer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is the Director of Social Media for the SIREN. She studies American Sign Language, and her articles revolve around witchcraft and environmental tips/updates. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and reading Frank McCourt novels with her cat, Burt.

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