October 4, 2020

Fall, famously known as the harvest season, is usually regarded as a time of demise for gardens and their plants alike (at least until next year). 


However, before an unforgiving winter ushers in and washes the world, or at least western Pennsylvania, in cold temperatures, there are still opportunities to boost your autumnal decoration game!


The main colors associated with Fall are red, yellow, orange, and brown, so likewise many people try to follow that scheme when decorating. A quick way to get a leg up is to go to your local supermarket and buy a few pots of chrysanthemums to liven up your porch/driveway/etc. 


Mums are relatively easy to take care off when treated as a seasonal plant, but if you want to use them for perennial purposes you’d have to wait until spring to plant them (which I can’t wait to cover when the time rolls around). 


As far as care for potted mums go, just water them when you see the soil on top get dry! Oh, and don’t get too attached, or you might find yourself bawling over a dead plant after weeks of neglecting to acknowledge it’s all temporary (just me? oh ok). 

Another more eco-friendly way to use plants for Fall decoration is to make homemade scarecrows! 


As soon as the leaves begin to pile up, grab some old clothes and go absolutely ham with filling them. Usually people prefer to use a pumpkin as a makeshift head, but I’m not here to stop you from incorporating your own creativity into the matter. 


Also: depending on the amount of fallen leaves around you, you can make an entire family of scarecrows. 


Another relatively easy way to deck out your house for Fall would be cornstalks. Depending on where you go, it isn’t hard to find them for cheap (or even free). 


I suggest supporting local farmers through buying corn stalks from them, but you can truly find them at your Walmart if you like. Plus, the best part about these decorations is that they’re biodegradable, so you don’t need to break a sweat trying to fit them into your trashcan. 


My last bit of Fall decor advice (though I could go on forever) would be to enjoy yourself in the process! Presentation, while it could be important, isn’t everything. 


In my opinion, the best part about decorating is the endless creative possibilities there are to Autumn-ify your house! 

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