October 4, 2020

If you find yourself questioning whether or not you have healthy relationships, keep reading. You’ve come to the right place. If they have breached your trust before, go to paragraph one. If they still haven’t given you a genuine apology, go to paragraph two. If they’ve made you cry, go to paragraph three. If they aren’t good at communicating, go to paragraph four. If you don’t need to read any of these paragraphs, then congrats! Looks like you’ve got a keeper!



What did they do to regain your trust? Did they sob at your feet? Bring you a flower and say they’ll never hurt you again? Did they blame it all on you, and say they forgive you for THEIR mistake? What convinced you that they were truly worth your time? If they didn’t authentically apologize and go above and beyond to show you how much you matter, then you need to drop them. 




I’m not even gonna get into this one. They messed up. That’s okay, we all make mistakes, but if they can’t admit it and apologize. You need to drop them.




If you read paragraph one, I’m sure they’ve made you cry. Tell me something, have they made you laugh and smile more than they’ve made you cry? Do they make you happy when you think about them or do they make you stressed? Are you in class and just start laughing, thinking about a joke they’ve told you? How often have you cried over them? If your tears burn more than your smile beams when you’re around them, you need to drop them.




Have they told you where they’re going when you’ve asked, or have they avoided answering you, or worse, have they lied about it? Is their poor communication constant? Did they apologize for not being upfront with you about simple things? Of course there are expectations. If they have been abused, are on the spectrum, or treated with disrespect they might have a hard time speaking up, but it’s important you differentiate people in those situations, and those just avoiding confrontation without an acceptable excuse. If they can’t talk to you openly and honestly,  you need to drop them.


These are just my personal opinions. Take what resonates to your situations and leave the rest. Just be aware that people in your life who check most or all of these boxes, might not be the best people to surround yourself with. Never forget your worth. I love you!

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