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Diseased Atlas
Renn Hoefer



During the submission process of joining Lincoln Park, some students going for specific majors may not have gotten in, thus going for another major or being offered another major.  Some students may have just decided to go for a major while having the talent of the other. An example of one of these students is Renn Hoefer. For Outside The Lines I interviewed Renn Hoefer. Renn is a freshman in highschool who’s in Writing and Publishing. In this column we review they’re experience as an artist. 

Renn got started as an artist in 5th grade. They got inspired by other artists they saw around them.

“I found it really cool. I started trying to put it onto paper, I sucked. It was the most horrific thing you would’ve ever seen and I started gradually getting better,” Renn commented about their origins as an artist.


They described they’re motivation as, “All the stupid 2018 animation memes I watched.” Because of this they’re primarily digital artist. Though, they did say they dabble in traditional art for drawings of animals. Renn uses their talent for art commissions. 


“Sometimes I just see something in the real world and I’m like–’that gave me inspiration, I wanna draw something like that,’” Renn commented about their creative process.


“Other times I just scroll through Pinterest till I get ideas,” Renn also commented, which many other artists could find relatable. 


Renn describes their art as extremely colorful, unique, and almost “choppy.”


“Oh, my biggest challenge – that’s probably my own thoughts. Like comparing it to other art styles, comparing it to other art I see on the internet, or like… my friends’ art styles. Just the comparison there trying to beat the fact that my art is good in its own style. Whereas other people’s art is good in their styles,” Renn commented when asked about their biggest challenge in the art world.


I hope you enjoyed learning about Renn Hoefer and seeing their art! If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming column in Outside the Lines then email me at [email protected]!

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Lily Fortier is currently a sophomore in writing and publishing. She enjoys anything art related which inspired her to write for the column Outside the Lines. Other interests include makeup, history, playing guitar, and tattooing.

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