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Hanuman Statue
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This movie is so fun to watch. It’s an action movie with some of the most unique fight scenes I have ever seen.  There’s a specific scene in a bathroom where the main character, Kid, played by Dev Patel, fights brutally against Rana (Sikander Kher) and ends up smashing a fish tank and jumping through it.


There’s also a scene where the group of trans women who provided sanctuary to Kid elegantly beat the life out of some henchmen. This movie portrays trans women very well, even with the restraints of COVID-19 and lack of Indian transfemmine actresses. There are a few trans actresses in the group and the cis actors playing the women put their soul into becoming a respectful portrayal. The cis men who played the trans women even ditched the wigs and opted to grow out their hair themselves, which is just really awesome.


I’ve already mentioned the police and trans women, so I suppose I should get to the point of this movie. Due to it being a foreign movie, it can get away with a lot more than an American movie ever could in terms of its political message. It features a revenge against an entire political party that was killing  people off for the sake of profit. It’s a class war between the lowest on the poverty scale and the richest people in the country.


Aside from it’s strong political message, this movie also has a quality unique compared to American movies: Kid dies at the end, cutting the chance of a John Wick-style saga short. I think this is an excellent decision for the movie to make. I loved this movie and because of that, I don’t want it to continue.


The directing and cinematography in this movie is just gorgeous, despite the fact that at times, the movie was being filmed by an iPhone. Every scene is vibrant and dynamic, from the underground fights, to the temple, to the kitchen where Kid works. It’s an inspiration.


This movie is just cool and I think you should watch it. It’s already gathering a cult following, as it deserves, and you should join.

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