Theatrical Release Poster for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
Theatrical Release Poster for “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire”
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Oh man, this movie was way too long. And to its merits, it does emulate the first Ghostbusters very well, in the sense that the pacing is insane, and the climax does not last long enough.


My main issue is with the climax of the movie. The whole time, we’re building up to this big battle against a world-ending ghost and the battle doesn’t even last that long! It’s over lickity-split, like the whole movie was worth nothing since the apocalypse was fixed in the span of three minutes.


The movie also bends over backwards to try and accommodate having characters from Ghostbusters: Afterlife come from Oklahoma to NYC. There’s no way that these kids are supposed to be here, but here they are!


The humor in this movie wasn’t great, but again, it emulated the first movie very well. This movie’s humor was made for people wishing to get back the good old days when Ghostbusters originally came to theaters. The humor is more of a marathon of how many sex jokes can an old white guy make. There were some funny moments, like the running joke of Pheobe Spengler (Mckenna Grace) cursing out adult figures and them reacting, which was funny.


A lot of the story lines are overused, and so in the background that it’s boring. I would’ve liked to see more of the b-plots rather than just a few lines.


My verdict: eh. Probably won’t watch it again. I think less nostalgia-baiting movies should be made and more stories should come to light, but I don’t make movies, do I?


Definitely better than Ghostbusters (2016), which you can see one my review here — (COMING SOON)

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