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If you are a horror movie junkie looking for upcoming movies to be excited about—look no further. Here are some upcoming movies that should be releasing within the next few months, and what a first look at the trailers tells us to expect.



Release date: April 5, 2024


This movie is being advertised as the scariest movie of this year, so expectations are going to be undoubtedly high for this film.


The beginning of the trailer is just a bunch of screaming, but it does reveal a little about the plotline.


The movie appears to follow a nun with an interest in taking care of an orphan girl. The trailer says bad things happen around this girl and it shows three sixes as, perhaps, a birthmark on someone’s skin. This is called the mark of the beast.


The beginning of the trailer implies the young girl herself may be demonic, but as the trailer goes on, the storyline gets more complicated.


A line in the trailer states, “I think she is meant to be a mother,” followed by “A mother of what?” and some terrifying music. It also shows an image of a pregnant belly and some surgeons working on someone. The surgeons say God has a plan for the women strapped down to the chair.


I genuinely hope on so many levels that the pregnant person in this trailer is not the child. While I think it will be a sick and twisted movie either way, there’s something so much more scary when reading between the lines when it comes to the trailer.



Release date: May 3, 2024.


The teaser for this movie gives us almost nothing. It doesn’t seem an official trailer has come out for this movie yet, but hopefully we’ll see one soon.


What we know about this movie is that Hunter Schafer will be playing a troubled teenager named Gretchen, and that there will be encounters with a haunting, shrieking woman in this movie.


One picture I was able to find from the movie shows this Gretchen character hiding from what seems to be this shrieking lady, while all injured and bandaged up.


The release date is still around two months away, so hopefully a real trailer will come out for this movie soon.




Release date: June 28, 2024.


I think I’m most excited for this movie out of all three of these films. I was a really big fan of both of the previous movies in this series. The writers and actors do such a great job of displaying emotions without even having to say anything, and I think that’s amazing acting.


I loved the thrill the first two movies gave me, and the suspense. The premise of the movie was that even the slightest sound could alert a monster to the main character’s presence, and this family is trying to live their lives in absolute silence to avoid being slaughtered.


This next movie seems like it will be much less quiet than the first two films, though.


The trailer starts out with a calendar of sorts counting down in days, leading back to the first day that the world became so quiet, when these monster/alien creatures first showed up. 


There is not a whole lot explained in the trailer, but we watch as these aliens tear through a noisy city, silencing anything that makes noise.


The trailer only really shows two scenes: the attack and what seems to be the aftermath, when the woman in the trailer realizes she must be silent.


Despite how little the trailer shows, I’m so excited for this film because of how terrifying the first two were. They really kept me on my toes while watching, and I hope this movie has the same energy as the past films.


Which of three movies are you most excited for? Leave a comment below and let us know! Also, if there’s another horror film you’re looking forward to seeing this year, let us know about that as well!)

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