Poster for The World Goes Round
Poster for “The World Goes ‘Round”



First of all, I want to encourage you to go see the show. The performance is wonderful, and the way that the characters interact with their environment and with the musicians is very cool. I think that you should see this show, and if you can, get tickets for the main house (i.e. not the balcony and not the boxes) because that’s where you will get the best experience.


The humor in this show is very well done and very funny. I really want to point out some of the performances that are done on roller skates, which is just the coolest, and probably the performance you should look forward to.


However, this musical was not one I am particularly interested in. It felt like more of a bunch of musical soundtracks on shuffle and that kinda pulled away from the story of these songs. There wasn’t a central story at all, and the songs are loosely connected at best. There should’ve been more use of the set, which is such a beautiful, interesting set.


At some points, the songs are modified for modern audiences, yet it doesn’t fit in with the vibe of the show, which feels more 50s/ 60s.


I think my main complaint is that it felt more like House of Pop than a Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center production.


The World Goes ‘Round will be running on the MainStage theater March 14-17. Orchestra and Mezzanine seating vary from $25.00 a ticket to $20.00 a ticket. Balcony seats are worth $18.00. Buy tickets here!

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