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In these recent years, the “new” movies coming out are remakes and retellings of classics. We’re seeing a lot of classic stories told in modern day times, or close to modern day times. Lionsgate is invisioning yet another classic to take place in modern times “American Psycho.”


They have put out word that they are searching for a writer to bring a fresh new take to the character of Patrick Bateman, so the movie is not being made yet but just in the talk.


Let’s talk about what this movie would look like and why some people think it’s a bad idea.


The first point of people’s criticism is that this movie just simply isn’t meant to take place in modern times, and I think I would have to agree with this idea.


I do think it would be interesting to see how they would tackle this idea now, but I feel like a modern timeline could ruin some aspects of the film. Seeing the Patrick Bateman on social media, as they often out into movies now, would possibly throw off some of the horror elements of the film.


Most of all, a very key part of the movie is treatment towards women. When the movie premiered, it was criticized for the violence inflicted towards the women in the film, but that’s a very important aspect of the movie. One of the most notable lines of the movie is when Patrick Bateman he likes to dissect girls, and another when he says that when he sees a pretty girl he wants to know what her head would look like on a stick.


Yes, the lines are pretty gross, but the movie wouldn’t be the same without them. The movie is about this killer with a special interest in dissecting girls.


Because of the movie cristism for the treatment of women, it’s possible that in a modern remake that would change this. The film is satirical and meant to have Patrick be a incel, so without his violence against women or poor treatment of them, that would take away the satiracle element of making fun of a man’s way of thinking and how they view women. The movie would be much more terrifying, but also send a very different message. It would no longer be a punch upward but another excuse to Hollywood to cast someone attractive as a killer.


The satiracle value of the film is how men do not value women but rather view them as beings without feelings, and how men will almost compete in their bad treatment towards women. It’s a cristism of men.


I personally think that the last thing this generation of boys needs is a Patrick Batemen figure to idolize should the film keep it’s satiracle elements but the younger generation doesn’t pick up on them, but thta’s a big if.


If they do remake this movie, I really hope they do not try to do this in a “feminist way” and change the treatment of women, because I think that would damage the value of the movie.

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