The Stars, The Prince, and The Aviator
The Stars, The Prince, and The Aviator
Adin Teres



The Little Prince is a beloved French storybook, later translated to English, and even later, adapted into play form. Lincoln Park’s rendition put a fresh spin on this play by including hypnotic dancing to instrumental versions of pop songs.


The dancing itself was very beautiful, and it seems to be necessary to expand the time frame of this very short play. The dancers were professional and did their dances extremely well, incorporating props and using mostly acro and lyrical influences.


The costuming and prop design was top tier, showing the changing of seasons, hours, and area with very simple costumes, but it worked out perfectly. The most beautiful, in my opinion, were the star costumes, which were dark blue with shimmering stars.


One of the most creative parts of the play was the set design, especially when Prince, played by Emmett Kent, was going around the planets, and the set changed for each one. It was certainly no small feat, requiring the help of humans as rocks, volcanoes, and baobabs.


I want to highlight Tristan Heavner’s performance as Fox. He was energetic and was certainly having fun on stage as his character. His violin playing was certainly impressive, and I hope that LP will incorporate the use of students playing music, either onstage or off, into more professional productions.


I certainly liked the play. this play before, however this production blew me away, and I wish to congratulate the cast and crew for their wonderful production.

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