Assorted Heart-Shaped Candies on White Bowl
Assorted Heart-Shaped Candies on White Bowl
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Is Valentine’s Day overrated? Many hard-working Americans say that it is, with a whopping 57 percent of people surveyed by YouGov saying that they feel like Valentine’s Day is only celebrated because of commercial pressure from companies. But how does Lincoln Park feel about this controversial holiday?


According to Roylin Petties, Lincoln Park’s principal, “It’s way too over-hyped and a scam. Today if I went out to get flowers they would be $14.99, but two weeks ago they would be $5.99. I think that Valentine’s Day is just another day.” 


Mr. Petties plans to buy his wife a card for the holiday, which is the most popular gift, according to YouGov’s surveys. According to answers from Lincoln Park students, going to Chick-Fil-A is another popular Valentine’s Day option. That includes Jenna Lowe, a senior pre-law major from Midland.


Lowe also has an interesting point of view of the hype around the holiday, “I actually love Valentine’s Day, because I love the color red and I love the color pink. It’s so happy.


“It’s just full of love, and I don’t understand how anyone could hate it. Unless they’re being cheated on. I’d probably hate Valentine’s Day too. That’s pathetic,” Lowe continued.


Rochester resident and senior music major, Arielle Reynolds, had similar views to Lowe. “Yeah, it’s profit-based,” she said, “but I like hearts, so I benefit.”


Mrs. Cvitkovic, a middle-school teacher and Lincoln Park’s transportation director, thinks that the holiday is overrated. “I think it’s blown out of proportion,” she said. “Especially in middle school…”


A few people believe that the holiday is over-commercialized, but not overhyped, like Director of Music Melissa Holman. “I think the intention around the holiday is very nice, and it’s always good to show people love and appreciate them.”


Junior media major from Beaver Falls,  Collin Reeder, also is keeping it short and sweet around the holiday. “It’s definitely popular, but at the end of the day, it’s about how you want to celebrate. My girlfriend and I aren’t doing anything fancy, just fast food and a movie.”


Neshannock  pre-law senior, Angela Sgro, says “I’ve always seen it as a fun thing. I think people should let it just be a fun thing.”


The ladies in Lincoln Park’s front office have a slightly different view.


“I mean for some people, Valentine’s Day is every day,” administrative assistant Shakeila McCauley commented. “What’s so special about Valentine’s Day?”


Mrs. McCauley’s fellow administrative assistant, Erin Loedding, agreed. Mrs. Loedding said simply, “You should love one another every day.”


SIREN reporters Camilla Adams, Harrison Ezar, Tyson Florence, Lily Fortier, Taylor Hill, Anya Martin, and Demarion Martin also contributed to this story.

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