Writing and Publishing senior Taylyn McCray, the organizer of tonights second annual Literary Diversity Reading
Writing and Publishing senior Taylyn McCray, the organizer of tonight’s second annual Literary Diversity Reading



Hello, my dear readers. My name is Demarion Martin, and I would like to introduce my new column, “Dealing with Diversity.” This column will be used as a spotlight for highlighting diversity and the positives and negatives in and outside our artistic journeys.

The one topic I will cover is tonight’s Literary Diversity Reading, spearheaded by writing and publishing senior Taylyn McCray. In this reading, we will see a spectacular lineup of people of all ages, old and young, all with different backgrounds and identities. The event was founded last year by Lincoln Park writing and publishing graduate Jade Davis.

To get an insider perspective on the reading (aside from being one of the readers myself), I went out and talked to some of the writers who will be reading.


Some of the readers for tonight’s Literary Diversity Reading, to be held at the August Wilson African-American Cultural Center in Pittsburgh. Photo by Ollie Warren.


The coordinator for this event, Taylyn McCray, stood out to me. I asked her, “How does the reading represent different identities such as race, ethnicity and gender, sexual orientation, etc.”


She replied, “This reading is at the core of our generation’s expression of our identities. Regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender, every piece of our identity is put into literature for this reading. This reading will bring together people of all backgrounds. There will be religious pieces, which will bring guidance and truth within a higher power, and even pieces about sexual identity which are more represented this year than last year.


“I want this reading to show young people but also people of all ages that there is nothing to fear in finding yourself,” she added. “A perspective of fear holds you back from authenticity, when you lose fear it will bring you closer to your truest being.”


The Literary Diversity Reading will showcase a wide array of voices and experiences. It’s great to see efforts to include diverse perspectives on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and more. Holding the event at the August Wilson African-American Cultural Center Cafe in Pittsburgh adds a fitting backdrop to celebrate diversity and inclusion.


How do you showcase your identity in art?

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