Everyone loves to watch a team become great, but once they become great, that’s when people become haters. This year, that’s exactly what’s happening with the Kansas City Chiefs.


All I saw on social media last week was Kansas City Chief hate and Baltimore Raven praise. But just a few years ago, when the Chiefs were making their first couple Super Bowl trips, they were the favorite and everybody loved them. This reminds me of the New England Patriots and their 2000s/2010s dynasty. At first, everyone wanted to see the young Tom Brady win and become great. Then, when Tom Brady actually became great and won six Super Bowls with the Patriots, he was the most hated quarterback in the league.


For example, two weeks ago after the Chiefs’ win over the Buffalo Bills, quarterback Patrick Mahomes was met with a barrage of snowballs from Bills fans. Mahomes’ family members, such as his brother Jackson and his wife Brittany, also face hate, but seem to find enjoyment in it and don’t care what anyone else thinks.


Patrick’s favorite throwing target, tight end Travis Kelce, also faces an unreal amount of hate on social media. Some of this hate is aimed towards his superstar celebrity girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Over the course of this entire season Taylor Swift has faced a giant amount of hate from NFL fans, mainly all with the argument that “We don’t wanna see Taylor Swift, we wanna see football.” I personally don’t care that Taylor Swift gets shown at the games: she’s literally just a girlfriend at her boyfriend’s football game. She just so happens to be one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, so the cameras are always on her.


This Sunday’s Super Bowl is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, and it looks like America’s favorite is the 49ers. This is a 49ers team led by the former last pick in the NFL draft, Brock Purdy. If they win the Super Bowl, Purdy will be the first final-draft-pick quarterback to lead a team to a Super Bowl victory, so he’s clearly got the underdog votes.


But this would also be the 49ers’ sixth Super Bowl, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots for the most Super Bowl wins in the NFL. So if the 49ers win, how long will it be before the public turns on Purdy and the Niners? Stay tuned!

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