Low Angle Photo of Black and Gray Video Camera
Low Angle Photo of Black and Gray Video Camera
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Tonight the On The Ones art show is to be held, completed with showing of art, readings by Writing and Publishing students, and the viewing of short films, which we will be discussing today.


“Anger Management” -> Made by Zoe Purcell, Raymond Reed, and Emily Moose

This film uses an excellent use of colour, primarily with bright oranges and greens. The final scene is incredibly unsettling and leaves a shiver in your spine.


“Bed Legs” -> Made by Nathaniel Madden, Sela Smith, and Sophia Hansen

This film follows the format of the silent-era movies and has all the horror of German expressionism. Its blocky horror can be actually terrifying at points. It certainly reminds me of The Lord of the Flies in the way that the movie progresses.


“Hunting of Rats” -> Made by Wieland Burchett

This is one of the freshmen movies made, and it has all the charm of the first movies made. It’s cute with its props and the narration is incredibly creative, taking on the perspective of a nature documentary.


“Fauvism” -> Made by Tyler Glass

This has one of my favorite shots out of all of these movies. Despite the shortness of the film, it’s actually very sweet and really works with the abstract and, as the title suggests, fauvism’s colour.


“The Worm on the Pavement” -> Made by Raymond Reed, Zoe Purcell, and Emily Moose

This one follows a lovely poem paired with beautiful music and cinematography. It answers the age old question: would you love me if I were a worm?


“Memory Stitches” -> Made by Talya Pashuta

This one is certainly the most somber of the movies, moving away from the horror and abstraction that a lot of these films work with. It tells an entire story of love and loss.


“Soup” -> Ren Gramsky

This is easily the funniest and cutest of the short films. The film is led by a humorous narrator detailing the daily life of one soup-loving girl.


“The Machine” -> Zachary Clingenpeel, Sam Evans, and Evan Clay

This film immediately grabs attention with the use of music and quick, frantic shots. Flashing lights cut this film into pieces and make for a great ending scene.


“Wash Cycle” -> Sam Evans and Adin Teres

This film really uses the set given, working with all the ins and outs of a local laundromat. This film is stellar in it’s sound design, costuming, and makeup and it all leads up to an amazing ending.


Something new this year is the expansion of the technical side of the media department with the introduction of animation. This is, in fact, the first art show with a dedicated part of the film viewings being digital animation. I have the highest praise for the new class led by Mr. Hulick. The animations are so skillful and there is a full use of talents in different styles, including frame by frame digital and rotoscope. Kudos to you, animators!

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