With 2024 just kicking off, it seems like some very interesting films will be coming this year. One of the movies I am most interested in is Lisa Frankenstein, that came this Valentine’s Day.


There’s been a lot of retelling of classic horror stories lately. Last year we saw a Renfeild movie based on the side character from Bram Stroker’s Dracula, which if you have not seen is worth a watch for the comedy twist it puts on the story. Renfeild took the creative liberty of giving Dracula’s assistant some therapy for a toxic relationship and toxic work environment, and it made the movie a funny watch.


With so much retelling of classic stories, we get further and further from the original plot, but I argue that this isn’t a bad thing. It’s giving us such creative story lines that nobody would ever think of without the retellings.


Lisa Frankenstein is going to be a retelling of Frankenstein (shocker), but with some twists to it.


The story line will follow a misfit girl in high school who’s in love, or seemingly from the trailer, with a dead guy whose grave she tends to. After a lightning bolt galvanizes him, the animated body follows her home.


The trailer to this movie very much gives off Warm Bodies mixed with Heathers vibes. While the trailer doesn’t actually show Lisa being the one to animate thing dead man, who is played by Cole Sprouse, we do see her help him become more human in many ways.


Her zombie friend lacks a few body parts, and she’s set out to get them for him, even if that means hacking down a few living people to steal their limbs.


Her new murderous tendencies are not the only new thing about her. The trailer says “this is a coming of rage story” and we see her become much more bold and Gothic with her style after the animation of her zombie friend. The trailer makes it seem like as the movie goes on she becomes more unhinged and is called “psycho” by other characters as she hacks down neighbors and peers.


Personally, I’m excited to see this horror-comedy hit theaters and see a female Frankenstein. Not only a female Frankenstein but one who’s a teenage girl that listens to “The Cure.” The trailer looks so funny, and I love that the retelling of classic stories in the form of rom-coms are back.

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