Chilombo: A Review of Jhené Aiko’s Latest Album

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October 1, 2020

Today on Meg’s playlist, I’m going to give you a little review on Jhené Aiko’s deluxe R&B/Soul album, Chilombo. The album has 29 songs on it including, Above and Beyond, and Summer 2020.


I highly urge people who deal with anxiety or any form of mental illness to listen to this masterpiece. She used meditation beats on each song that relaxes the mind and body. It’s such a good album to listen to in the shower, before bed, or while meditating.


She starts the album off with Lotus (intro) and this intro sets the mood and feel of what you’re getting yourself into. Each song has a unique sound to it. If you are more into ‘party’ songs, she has songs like Party For Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign), B.S (feat. H.E.R.), and Down Again (feat. Wiz Khalifa). Her meditation songs include Triggered (freestyle), Surrender (feat. Dr. Chill), and Magic Hour.


I’ve been struggling with anxiety for years and never could find anything that truly helps. This album has become one of my favorite albums to listen to and breathe with. Her voice is extremely soothing, so if you’re someone who calms down with the sound of voices, this is the album for you –  and of course, if you’re someone who calms down with sounds, she has multiple songs that would help you due to her constant use of soothing beats that have the feel of Lofi beats. If you aren’t familiar with a Lofi beat, it’s an aesthetically pleasing element(s) of a song that is regarded as “imperfections” of the recording or performance that allows the music to be audible, or as I said before, a beat that is a deliberate aesthetic choice.


I love Jhené Aiko and her creativity within the album. She knew that we all needed a good “relaxer.” The way she used the beats, the staging of the songs, and how she started with calming songs/beats while transitioning into party songs and bringing out the  “Hey, look at me! You hurt me, but I’m growing” of emotion was a dramatic, yet brilliant way to promote the relationship of the album to past trauma. She kept the album centered around dealing with any sort of break-up, growing from your past self, or celebrating your growth as a human. She is an incredible artist who focuses her music on healing the mind by using beats and words. 


10 out of 10 would recommend it, if you’re someone like me who needs something in their life that helps heal any sort of emotion or pain that you’re dealing with, listen to this album. She is an inspiring artist and the passion within the album that she created in the studio is truly beautiful. 

I hope you give the album a listen and let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s playlist.

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