Artwork by Eva Welte
Artwork by Eva Welte


Today I’ll be talking about a game called Frog Detective. Now, you may be wondering, “What is Frog Detective?!” 

I’m glad you asked, my friend. I’m glad you asked. 

Frog Detective is an amazing game where you play as the Frog Detective. Crazy, right?! 

As Frog Detective, you’re sent on missions to complete mysteries. They only sent you because Lobster Cop wasn’t available, but that’s okay because you know that Lobster Cop is amazing at his job!

The gameplay mechanics are simple. You move around and talk to people, trying to find out the vast mysteries in the places you visit. Talking to these people will give you information and quests to help further your investigation.

The gist of it is talking to someone to find out what they need, talking to someone else to get what the other person needs while finding out what the second person needs, delivering the first person’s stuff, and then getting something else to help later. Fun! 

The dialogue is really funny and very much my favorite part of the game. Well, maybe not my favorite. I did really like getting to meet Lobster Cop and having him give me a journal that I could put stickers on. That was fun. 

Not only do you get funny dialogue and a notebook, but you also get to pick the winner of a dance competition that I totally paid attention to and didn’t just choose the winner based on who I liked best. That’d be crazy. 

There are currently three playable episodes that I know of. I, sadly, have only played two, although I’m excited to play the third one soon! 

Right now you can get Frog Detective on the Xbox Game Pass. If you don’t have an Xbox, that’s fine! You can get it on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch for 20 dollars, or you could get it on Steam for around 15 dollars. 

Anyway, that’s all for today! Thanks for logging on, but now I’ve gotta log off. Bye!

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