Final Destination 6 is confirmed, and horror fans are extremely excited for this 2024 film. It doesn’t have an official release date yet but is supposed to come out sometime late in 2024.

If you’ve never seen the original movies, you’re missing out. The Final Destination series has given us some of the most creative and iconic horror movies death scenes. The movies are so widely popular because of these death scenes, and they’ve even had a bit of an impact on society, with many people now refusing to drive behind log trucks after the gruesome scene in  Final Destination 2.

If you have never watched the movies, the premise of these films follows groups of people who have “cheated” death. The movie is some ways personifies death, without giving it a body, but making it an angry force of nature that doesn’t like to be beat.

Each movie starts pout the same with a character getting a premination that something terrible with happen and warning others. The first movie is my favorite. It features a group of students going on a school trip when one of them warns the other that they must get off the plane because they will die. He had seen this in a vision he had.

While only a few people listen, death still does not like the fact that people have escaped it’s grasp and slowly picks off the survivors in the order they were meant to die.

Should any of the survivors survive the second attempt of their life, it skips to the next person and circles back to them later, making it only possible to beat it for so long, something the main characters of the first movie find out.

Later in the series, and in the teaser for the new film, it is discovered that death will allow you to kill someone else in your place.

It’s a very interesting concept that plays off the idea of a Grim Reaper with no physical body, and this is one of my favorite horror films, so seeing that it will make a comeback is very exciting.

Although, the comeback is strange because they named the fifth film The Final  Destination, indicating there would be no more. It makes me wonder if this could be the start of them continuing the series with more movies to come, or if this will be the true final destination of the progression of the series.

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