Photo taken of Lincoln Parks performance of Freaky Friday
Photo taken of Lincoln Park’s performance of “Freaky Friday”
Nathaniel Madden



I loved this show. For my first time seeing anything of it’s kind, it was a great show. The players played their part very well.


It was very funny, in my opinion. I loved the cheesy Disney Channel-esque effects and the sly jokes. I thought it was funny when the main characters played by Olivia Huval and Olivia Dejeet were in the principals office and they had to pretend that they were each other. It was a great scene.


The production itself was also well done.  I went on the first night, and first night jitters can get anyone, including the backstage team, but everything was professional and well done! I tend to complain about the production a lot in these reviews, and I am more than happy to give a compliment.


The songs were amazing. I loved listening to them and watching the dances. Biology was a weird song, but it still dazed and wowed me.


The cast, this mix of old and young actors, was done perfectly. Every player did their role well. It was obvious that a lot of passion was put into the show.


If I were to have one complaint, I would say that it was too short. There were a lot of events happening rapid fire, and  just wish the script itself could’ve been longer.

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