Everyone loves a good holiday movie, and this year we are getting a Thanksgiving horror film. This horror film will feature the TikTok star Addison Rae in a lead role.  


While many social media stars taking chances to expand their careers with the music industry, Addison Rae has found herself in the acting industry.


She’ll be playing the role of Gabby in the upcoming film Thanksgiving.


This is not the first big movie that Addison Rae has been a part of. In 2021, she was also in the film He’s All That and her acting got a lot of criticism on social media. Part of this criticism comes from the fact that the original movie was such a high expectation to live up to, and some of it just came from, well, her acting.


Nonetheless, she has yet another starring role by director Eli Roth. Eli Roth is responsible for some hugely popular horror movies such as: Clown, The Green Inferno, The Last Exorcism, Hostel and so many more. 


Because of films he has made in the past, the expectations for this one are high. All that can really be found on the plotline is that it’s about a killer who comes to a small town to turn a holiday gorey. The trailer also makes it seem like this killer may target a group of high schoolers.


The trailer doesn’t show very much of the plotline, though. It seems like a good majority of the kills and deaths are in the trailer, so the trailer gives a pretty good idea of all the characters who are going to die.


One thing with Addison Rae though is the amount of people who question if she really deserves her acting career. In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Rae says that some people have questioned her on if she even worked for her acting career.


This is not the first time an influencer or social media star has joined the acting world. This isn’t even the first time one of them has taken on a horror film, a lot of people also gave Kim Kardashian criticism for joining the cast of “American Horror Story: Delicate” but her display of her character has also had some good reviews online.


I honestly think it’s not a bad idea for Tiktokers to take up acting jobs, if they’re good at it and want to pursue it, but from what we’ve seen Rae only really checks one of those boxes. My hopes for this movie are pretty high though, so I really do hope she does a good job of playing the role of Gabby.

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