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September 28, 2020

Hello staff and students of Lincoln Park. It’s been a rough…year. And whether you care or not, your own Writing and Publishing newspaper nerds are back, and better than ever.


The SIREN has worked collectively for the past few months to revamp its image, its voice, and more importantly, adapt to the circumstances at hand. Our goal was to provide you with the traditional print that you all know and love, and also make all the lovely articles we write (and you read) accessible on a digital platform.


While our app is unfortunately gone, all you need to do now is bookmark our URL and follow us on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook to see all the latest news. And if you’re more into good ol’ paper, we have that too. We’re doubling up on you guys – hope you can handle it!


Another mission of ours was to make more of an effort to involve you. While you might have endured a possibly awkward interview from one of us in the past, we’re now inviting you to contribute your own work. We are an arts school, after all, and it seems only necessary that we support each other in every way possible no matter what our majors are. We want your artwork, photography, music, short-films, youtube videos, poetry, op-eds, and whatever else you guys can come up with. Everything is fair game and, let’s be honest. The more the merrier. So stay tuned for publishing opportunities with us in the future!


And so we invite you to take a stroll through our brand-new website. See what’s new, see what’s old, have a laugh, have a cry. Leave some comments, love or hate (though we strongly prefer love), and get us some reader views. That’s all Writing and Publishing students want for Christmas – reader views. Oh yeah, and Instagram followers. Follow all of our social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) at the handle @SIREN_LPPACS to get first dibs on website and print updates.


We’re pleased to share this creation with you. The SIREN is here to support you throughout whatever else this year brings!


With love and punctual grammar,

The SIREN Team

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  • L

    Luke BrahlerOct 21, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    This is really exciting. Creating writing series that cater to the writers’ interests is an idea that will only improve the quality of The Siren. There is a lot of interesting reads on this new digital platform, which I think is a good idea and is clearly still engaging students based on the reader views, and the graphics are very nice!