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Timothy Eberly

If you’ve seen the new Saw movie, you’d understand that a huge concept in the movie is that Jigsaw doesn’t kill innocent people and only goes after the guilty. However, if you’ve watched any other Saw movie, you know that that’s a load of garbage.


For context, let’s first go over some of Jigsaw’s infamous villains, who committed serious or foul acts that caused them to be put into the traps. In the movie Jigsaw we meet Anna, who at first pleads she has committed no crime. But her crime is suffocating her newborn baby for crying too loudly and putting it under her husband while he slept, so he would think he rolled on top of it. He goes to prison for this and hangs himself in jail.


It is hard to feel bad for Anna. Anna is eventually put into a room with another captive and a shotgun. Whichever one of them kills the other gets to leave. She picks up the shotgun to no hesitation and fires; however, the gun backfires and explodes in her face.


Cecilia Peterson is another character who deserves no sympathy. She is from the new SAW X movie. Her crime is pretending to cure cancer patients while scamming them out of thousands of dollars. It’s not exactly told how many dying people she has done this to, but the movie does imply a lot of people have fallen victim to her fake cancer treatment center. During her time with Jigsaw, she manages to find a way out of her restraints, thanks to another character, and decides to get revenge on Jigsaw.


Earlier in the movie, Jigsaw had befriended a child by fixing his broken bike. Cecilia decides to put that small child in her place in a trap. However, Jigsaw eventually gets his revenge.


As you can see, Jigsaw goes after bad people. When he finds people he feels have committed crimes he is judge, jury, and executioner.


The premise is that he only punishes those who are guilty. Now let’s talk about why that isn’t true.


Here are some victims who did NOT deserve to be put into their traps:


Paul Leahy


Paul is put into a trap for cutting his wrist open. Jigsaw sees he takes his own life for granted. He says to Paul that whether he did it for attention or a genuine hate for his own life, now is the time to prove it. The only way out of the trap is to climb through a cage of barbed wire coils. Paul has two hours to complete this, and if he does not, he will die. This is a pretty disgusting trap because while trying to survive he goes through the wire so fast that when they find his body and the trap, the cops find his stomach acid on some of the wires. 


His only crime was self harm.


Amanda Young

Amanda is most known as the “reverse bear trap girl.” One of Saw’s most famous traps. She enters this trap undeserving. Her crime is addiction. Later in the movies, Amanda does become an apprentice of Jigsaw and does become a bad person, but at first her only crime is having an addiction to heroin.


And lastly, while there is SO MANY more, like Hank from Saw IV, whose crime is smoking cigarettes.


Detective Allison Kerry


Kerry is the detective working on finding Jigsaw, and she’s actually really close. Her reason for being put into the trap is that she has been “living amongst the dead” (AKA, looking into Jigsaw’s old victims, trying to find him.) Her only crime is investigating the serial killer. For this crime, her ribcage is ripped from her body.


As you can see, the premise that Jigsaw only kills the deserving is a stupid movie theory, and a stupid premise on which to base this new movie.



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