Astrology is a topic rising in popularity, due to social media and how well Five Below knows their target audience. The words mercury and retrograde practically haunt those who believe in the stars.


Astrology can be defined as the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies. This concept says the moods, personalities, and environments of every individual are affected by the alignment of our stars and planets.


This is often justified by astrologers, with the phrase “As above so below”. Which is a spiritual saying originating from the Arabic Emerald Tablet.


As popularized and marketable zodiacs have become, there is still plenty of controversy over whether we are emotionally, spiritually, and physically connected to any celestial bodies. Or if astrology is simply a hot cup of woo woo.


That’s why we asked the Lincoln Park student body the question, “Do you believe in astrology and star signs?”. We received a nearly split vote and various statements advocating for both sides of this view.


I followed up with eight of the 40 students and asked a series of subjective questions. Here is what these captivating perspectives shared with us!


“Do you believe the stars have any significance to us?”


Demarion Martin: –they have since the beginning of time, it’s just people don’t have the capacity to come to terms with it because they don’t want it to define their whole being.


Mark Veon: I do, the Bible says the stars are to remind us of Jesus’s birth.


Jèda Johnson: Kind of in a way where they say your loved ones are turned into stars.


Adin Teres: Yes I think that there are way too many coincidences in my life and astrology for the stars to not affect us all.


“Do you feel similarly about the significance of the planets in our solar system?”


Mickey: Based off what I’ve seen in research and videos, the planets are like energy flow and mood. Overall I think the planets go hand in hand with where we are in the universe and the sun cycle.


Sophia Lang: “Yes yes, learning about them is confusing but doing my own research is better for me, you know?”


Edler: I do, I think every celestial body must influence us in some way or another. Think about the word “celestial”– yes it means matter in outer space, but it also means belonging to heaven. There’s just something so grand and special about space.


Elder’s mention of the double meaning behind “celestial” takes me to my next point. The significance of our stars hold many interpretations.


However the truth within astrology’s correlation between us and space is deeply spiritual. You will find that in Vedic astrology, we are meant to use the stars and planets more as a map.


Vedic astrology originates from India, and is utilized as a tool for those who feel lost on their spiritual journey. In regard to Hindu beliefs, life is meant for growth both spiritually and physically.


Eastern astrology is often dubbed as the “science of fate”. This practice is based on the belief that the positions of our stars and planets directly impact our individual karma.


This supports the concept of ‘As above so below’ because to embrace life is to navigate the ups and downs. Growth was never meant to appear as linear.


“Do you know your own zodiac sign and are you educated on the qualities of said sign?”


Demarion M: My sun sign is a Scorpio. I have a general overview of the qualities it carries but not a deep understanding.


Sophia L: I’m a Pisces and no not really.


Adin T: I’m a Capricorn sun, Aries moon, and Aquarius rising. I spend a lot of time obsessing over my horoscope.


A notable common misconception within the topic of astrology is that your sun sign defines everything. However, every sign alongside every planet affects us as people in our daily life.


This misunderstanding of astrology’s role in our lives has been normalized through western astrology as well. The evolution of astrology in the west has mildly simplified the spiritual aspects of astrology and zodiacs.


Teres’s use of astrological terminology is a perfect example of the depth that astrology provides for every individual. Horoscopes are tools utilizing the cosmos to bring balance within ourselves as we are unable to control nor deny everything without.


Your sun sign is solely based on the month and date of your birth. For example, March 21st until April 19th is the window frame for an Aries sun to be born.


However there is so much more to all of us than our sun sign. The sun in astrology represents our ego, it is the lens of which we view and approach the world.


When you uncover all that lies beyond your ego, you realize just how shallow yet significant that very surface is in your day to day life.


“Do you resonate with any, if not all qualities related to your sun sign?”


Adin T: Definitely, I do think I can be hardworking but I’m also quick to cut someone off.


Elder: Yes, Sagittariuses are said to be more independent and open than most, which I feel I am. I’m accepting of every sort of person there is and I’m happy to meet anyone.


Cadence McCollim: I know Gemini is basically like two faced because it’s symbol is like twins. They’re supposed to be funny, extroverts, clever, but also unreliable and nosy. I guess I kinda resonate with it.


Mickey: I’m a Taurus sun, I definitely resonate with being stubborn, enthusiastic, and a foodie!


Sophia L: Actually yes, I just googled some and they like really relate to me. Empathetic, sensitive, intuitive, creative, escapist, and moody.


These are all great examples of how zodiac sign manifest into our expressions and experiences.


Take Mickey for instance, a Taurus sun is much more likely to enjoy all that brings comfort and aesthetics. This is due to Taurus being ruled by the planet Venus, which governs aesthetics, pleasure, beauty, and all things comfort.


As for Geminis and Pisces sun, these signs tend to manifest themselves in more variety. Both Pisces and Gemini are signs within the mutable modality. This means that they’re both greatly adaptive to the environment around them. Unlike signs of the fixed modality such as Taurus, who is known for being stubborn in its ways.


One thing worth clearing up is the messy reputation of Geminis alone. It is true what McCollim mentions about the symbol being represented by twins.


This is because Gemini is both an air sign and mutable in modality. All signs have their light and shadow aspects, Gemini however seems to get picked on the most.


Geminis are highly favorable people in regards to their ability to make sense of both sides of a story. Gemini is simply the defense and offense in one body.


This can often be perceived as two-faced, but as easy as it is for a Gemini to lie it is equally as simple to make them confess. We cannot deny how beneficial this trait is when they put both sides of their brain to work.


“Do you believe we were born and created to be and fulfill our life in a way specific to every individual?”


Mark V: I don’t think so. God allows you to make whatever decisions and choices you want. So it would contradict that if he chose the traits and characteristics you.


Mickey: Definitely– and I feel like that doesn’t even have to do with zodiacs and astrology. It’s just whatever you’re most passionate about. Do it with everything you’ve got.


Adin T: I think we’re all given our own choices and don’t have a predetermined destiny. But rather that our predisposition that came with birth is to share different views of life and grow as a whole.


Demarion M: I do, I feel like every life and every death has its meaning in the whole. You live and you die, there’s no stopping that. Everyone should live up to their most authentic and beautiful selves without regret.


With that, we can finally speak of the universality that comes with the truth of astrology.


And that is, that there is no definitive answer. No right or wrong truth to be believed of the stars and planets that hover above.


We are all free to embrace and appreciate the divine presence of our world and all that is beyond it. The best part about space is it’s capacity to be ever vast.


So I encourage you to keep your heart and mind equally as open the next time you read a horoscope. Or consider a birth chart reading.


Fate is unknown and for that reason, we should keep ourselves open to every possibility.


For as many stars there are in the sky, we should collect another inkling of hope.

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