Picture taken of the Cafe Amour event from the Lincoln Park Mezzanine.
Picture taken of the Cafe Amour event from the Lincoln Park Mezzanine.
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Park’s People is prepared to keep you updated on what your peers are thinking and feeling about current events within our school. This column thrives off of peer involvement and I encourage you to reach out to me wherever you can find me. If you have passionate opinions about the state of our school, do not hesitate to let me know what you think should be featured next.

The sign up period for LPPACS clubs may have come and gone, but club officials want to invite you to continue strengthening our community, both through and outside of the listed clubs. The student body is anxiously awaiting the kickoffs of these clubs and until school-wide activities can be up and running, let’s take a look at what we can expect to see from our clubs this year.

Today’s people in the park are as listed:

Angela Sgro, a dedicated and cheerful pre-law major from Nesgannock. She represents Student Council.

Lauren Scarpone, a bubbly dance major from Monaca. She represents the Body Positive (or B+ as it is fondly nicknamed) Club.

Theresa Moore, a playful pre-law major from Trafford. She represents Intersections.

Raymond Reed, a soft-spoken and kind media (specifically film) major from Aliquippa. He represents the Live Poets Society.

Autumn Donahue, a sweet-hearted musical theater major from Washington. She represents Flourish in Faith.

What are you hoping to accomplish in your club this year?

Sgro: The main goal for my club this year would just be to see everyone grow as leaders, and to work together to help build the school and the environment. I am excited for all of the new members that have joined, and see all of the work they will put into it and how they will grow and in return all of us grow as a school.

Moore: We are hoping to learn about other people’s experiences with their identity in society and be more inclusive and open-minded. We are also hoping to educate others about our own experiences and others as well.

Donahue: In Flourish in Faith this year, I hope that we help to further people’s understanding about their faith and we hope to be able to walk with those who have already begun their journey. We hope to continue to serve our school and community through many different service acts to benefit the greater good.

Reed: In Live Poets Society, we’re hoping to write, read, and share poems as well as inform LP about types of poetry and famous poets. We’d love to host events after school this year!

Scarpone: We have many things we are excited to work on this year! Some that come to mind are to maintain our “hygiene huh”, most different awareness months, create club shirts and stickers with positive slogans, host a “friendship bracelet trading day” on October 10th, create hotline posters for inside the bathroom stalls, and host a school wide “yoga day” in the morning.

What clubs in the school would you recommend for students who enjoy the club you represent?

Scarpone: We think that Vibrant Shades and Intersections are amazing clubs with similar values.

Moore: We would recommend Vibrant Shades, it’s also a club where you get educated but are also able to feel heard.

Sgro: I think that mainly in stuco as student leaders, Peer Pals would be an amazing club and opportunity to be a part of. Any of the clubs truly would be a fit for the leaders that we have in student council. In any club, leadership is important and as young leaders, our members and those interested would thrive and help the environment to be positive.

Reed: If you enjoy Live Poets Society, I recommend checking out book and songwriting club.

Donahue: Honestly, I would recommend any club to those in Flourish. The whole idea of our club is to hope that everyone knows they are loved no matter who they are or what they represent. We understand that everyone is different and we want people to feel comfortable in all surroundings being who they are!

For students who missed the sign up period, what similar activities would you suggest for them to get involved in?

Moore: I would suggest for them to educate themselves on their own times of others’ experiences and ask questions as well. Also be aware of their own experiences and privilege.

Reed: If you missed out on the sign ups, follow us on Instagram and keep a look out for events to come!

Scarpone: Ways to stay involved while not being a member would be to read our blog and/or follow our Instagram for articles and resources pertaining to our club’s message. We will also be hosting activities so any LP student can participate and express their values through our club. As always, donations for the hygiene hub will be open and we thank you for your support!

Donahue: For those who were unable to sign up, I would one hundred percent do any volunteer work within their communities or in school. Our mission is to serve others more than ourselves. Just by being a good person, friend, or partner, it represents Flourish in Faith and our goal for this club in so many ways.

Sgro: I would recommend getting involved in any service activities that you could get involved in. In the future, service will be super important for honor society and will over all help you as a person. Any type of leadership activities I would tell you to go and do them because it will change your life in so many ways.

I look forward to checking back in with these inspired groups throughout the rest of the school year to let you know what differences are being made in your school. To all the people of Lincoln Park, or Park’s People, if you don’t mind my not so subtle branding, I wish you all the best.

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