April 21, 2023

If you know me, you know I adore crappy, kids movies. Zombie from Disney Channel is on my top 10 list, and I have a mint copy of the DVD of that stupid movie.


Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile was too stupid for me though. Now, I do have previous experience with the book series that sprouted this movie. I read one of the books in which Lyle’s mother comes to visit, shoplifts, and gets put in jail before helping deliver a child.


This movie was nothing near the sheer chaos of the original books, and I do say that makes the whole experience worse. It’s just a dumb movie with too many side plots. They tried to make this story modern, but it simply doesn’t work.


I’m going to list what I think were the worst parts of this movie. 1) The cat had IBS, 2) Lyle looks more like an alligator than a crocodile, 3) there was this side plot about a little girl wanting to become a famous “Sweep” (stand in for TikTok or Instagram) dancer, 4) the side plot of the mom being a health nut and needing to outgrow it, and 5) there was, I kid you not, a “paint me like one of your french girls” scene with Lyle.


This movie is just terrible. The main plot is confusing, New York looks nothing like New York, and I hated every single character. It just wasn’t enjoyable and isn’t worth your time.

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