Ollie Warren

The set of Puffs

Just a note before we start this – I am giving the performance I saw a good review. Not because I am scared of a Rudolph incident to happen again, but because it was an excellent performance.


Now as Joanne Kathleen says, I am a snake. I slither on the ground and get confirmed as evil by her off the charts tweets. But for this one night, I was a Puff.


Puffs is an excellent show, and my favorite play ever. While I’m not a fan of  Harry Potter in general, as I’m just not a fan of the books, I really enjoy this play. Now I will preface this saying I missed the first part of this, as I was violently ill for the first like 15 minutes, so I can’t tell you what went on then. But everything else was nearly perfect.


In fact, the set design? Immaculate. It felt like it should be explored and I thought that the McDonald’s pumpkin bucket was so cute. The giant dementor was really cool too.


I feel like the prop design could have been a little bit better, especially pertaining to the fake birds, but that’s just a personal preference and holds no bearing on the show.


Now I would like to mention the actor that stuck out to me the most, who is Brady Opel, for his roles in Cedric and Mr. Voldy. He clearly was having fun, looked experienced, and filled those roles perfectly.


Overall, great show, the actors looked like they were having genuine fun.