A photo taken by Mel Poole
A photo taken by Mel Poole



April 13, 2023

Do you ever wish some of your Disney favorites could become horror films? 2023 is really the year for horror fans and also apparently fans of people who wish childhood films would be more sinister.


Feb. 15, 2023 Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey  came to theaters, and I am personally so excited for this movie. The storyline will Follow Winnie and Piglet on a supposed “feral” and “bloodthirsty” rampage with a newfound hatred for Christopher Robin, who had left them for college. 


The trailer starts with the older Christopher Robin going to visit the woods he used to hang out with his furry friends in. We get a shot of a grave seemingly for Eeyore that reads “R.I.P. EEYORE.”


We also see in the trailer a group of young girls who seem to be away on vacation, and they are stalked by Pooh Bear. The costume of Pooh is certainly something because of the large size of the animals. 


There seems to be slight changes to some characters, obviously age, and piglet looks fairly large and has horns. I think the costumes of the Pooh characters are less scary and more the idea of childhood nightmares coming to life is what will shock the audience.


It’s hard to imagine, but this could just be the first of many, or at least few off-putting Winnie-the-Pooh stories since Pooh Bear is now public domain. 

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