April 27, 2023

If you’re on TikTok, you have probably heard the song titled “abcdefu” that dominated the For You page in 2022. The artist of the song, GAYLE, was already signed to Atlantic Records prior to her viral videos. However, without her success on TikTok, the song probably wouldn’t have been notable enough to be nominated for Song of the Year by the Grammy Awards. 


With over one billion active users in 2023, Tiktok is one of the most widely used apps. It’s slowly become a major target for musicians, as one viral video can launch music careers overnight. Musicians aim for TikTok in the hopes that they’ll generate more fans, more streams, and get the recognition their hard work deserves. 


But, what if you’re already successful on TikTok and are interested in making more money in a new way? It seems that the next career move for the coveted TikTok Star is to begin releasing mediocre music. 


They may have made a lot of money from short videos and brand deals, but money can’t buy talent. The music of well-known TikTokers is polluting the music industry and the radio waves, forcing us all to listen to another generic song while we shop in a department store. 


Examples of these musicians include Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, who after becoming two of the most famous TikTok Stars, began releasing music. And there’s Addison Rae’s “Obsessed” that sounds just tasteless enough to be eaten up by her 88.9 million followers. 


Overall, TikTok may be helpful in allowing small musicians to grow followers, reach new listeners, and express themselves online. But, it can also cause a decline in the quality of music. Too many people see music as a money making scheme rather than a form of artistic expression. These TikTokers prove that being a musician is not just an easy side quest. It’s a lifelong passion that takes practice, talent, education, and determination to reach success. 

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Gabriella Salvucci is a senior music major at Lincoln Park who writes the In Queue Music Review column. This is her first year writing for The Siren. She enjoys writing songs, playing gigs, and reading.

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