January 9, 2023

For the past century, Pittsburgh has been a city of sports, steel, and food. Everyone knows the Steelers for their six Super Bowls, The Penguins for Lemieux, the Pirates for not being good, but we really have nothing for basketball. No NBA hall of fame legends from the area, no team besides college teams, nothing. If a team could be founded it could bring Pittsburgh to new heights in terms of popularity within the United States.

Philadelphia has the Eagles, the Flyers, the Phillies, and the 76ers as their NBA team, so why can’t we have one? Some say it may be “too small” but I don’t believe that for a second considering we have three other professional sports. Surely just one more wouldn’t hurt. It would definitely be a process in terms of getting a team together with managers, a GM, trainers, etc. But if they’re in the NBA then it’s not gonna be a super far leap that’s extremely difficult.


It would be another new team in the NBA, and they just had one in the past 15 years, (note from editor- can you compress this sentence? Politely, I don’t know what you’re trying  but this team could give Pittsburgh the love it deserves if they were ever to win the Finals, or even if they just made a deep run in the playoffs for the first time. If you live here, you know how sports-crazy the fans are, and the city would probably crumble to the ground from celebrating if they won a championship. If the NBA would struggle with having an uneven number of teams, another city like Seattle, who had their team taken from them and changed to the OKC Thunder, could get their team back. Which would give the NBA 32 teams, with one team added to the Eastern Conference and one added to the Western Conference.

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Tyson Florence is the writer for the “Sports with Florence” column here on The SIREN. He is a junior from New Brighton, a football player, and has been attending Lincoln Park since seventh grade.

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